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The company is an early enterprise engaged in equipment manufacturing in the LNG industry. Mainly engaged in LNG filling stations, coal-to-gas equipment, pressure regulating metering, vaporizers, gasifiers, gas dispensers, dosing machines, gasification stations, gasification, peaking stations, reserve stations, filling stations and Design, development, production, sales and professional installation of related supporting products.
At present, the company has three branches, two offices (Beijing and Inner Mongolia), and Shanghai is the headquarters of the company. It is mainly responsible for high-tech technology such as air compressor and station control management system, measurement and control system, and PLC assembly and debugging; Shanghai Ling Ruihe North Branch (abbreviation) is the company's main production base, with 60 acres of development area, and the workshop has more than 30 production lines. It mainly produces LNG filling stations, gasification station related pressure pipeline components and equipment, and the main advocates in recent years. Double tanks for oil stations; Shandong Chilling (abbreviation), mainly engaged in the management and transportation of hazardous chemicals; Hebei Jiangke (abbreviation), mainly engaged in the inspection and verification of special equipment such as safety valves and gas cylinders. The company has qualifications and construction capabilities from project design, equipment production, installation and commissioning, etc. The company has almost no outsourcing business. No matter the main equipment or core auxiliary materials, the company is mainly engaged in research and development, not only the product fits seamlessly, but also costs. Lower, so we can do the same configuration than the price, the same price than the value.
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LNG filling station

LNG stations
  • LNG refueling station

    LNG filling station is a filling station for supplying LNG to LNG. It is divided into four types and is generally divided into: skid-mounted gas station, standard gas station, L-CNG After the gas station and the mobile armored gas station, the natural gas is purified (removing CO2, sulfide, heavy hydrocarbons, water and other impurities), and then deep-cooled to -162 °C under normal pressure, from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Known as liquefied natural gas, the volume of liquefied natural gas is about 1/620 of the volume of natural gas of the same mass, and the weight is about 45% of the same volume of water.

  • Voltage measurement 撬

    A block type gas pressure regulating metering device consists of a rectangular block, a regulating manifold, a control valve, a metering tube, a flow meter, a regulating valve, a regulating tube, a filter, an outlet pipe, and a feed. The utility model comprises a gas collecting pipe, an air inlet, an air outlet pipe, a sewage pipe and a safety venting valve, wherein the air inlet pipe, the air outlet pipe and the regulating water pipe are arranged in parallel on the rectangular block and transverse to the rectangular block Parallel, the regulating manifold is in front, the outlet manifold is in the middle, the inlet manifold is behind, and two parallel measuring tubes are horizontally arranged between the inlet manifold and the adjusting tube, respectively, on each measuring tube. Control valves, filters, pressure gauges, flow meters and control valves are available.

  • vaporizer

    The air enters the upper part of the throat through the air filter, forming a high-speed airflow at the throat, creating a negative pressure zone; the gasoline in the float chamber is under the pressure difference between the float chamber and the throat, and the volume is measured. It is ejected from the nozzle and is atomized by a high-speed air stream to form a mixture. The combustible mixture formation process begins in the vaporizer. During the intake and compression process, the oil droplets continue to evaporate and continue to mix with the air until the end of the compression stroke and at the beginning of the ignition; however, the degree of atomization of the gasoline at the vaporizer throat is formed. A homogeneous and good combustible mixture plays a key role. As the engine operating conditions change, the carburetor is required to change the concentration and amount of the combustible mixture accordingly.

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