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Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in equipment manufacturing in the LNG industry earlier in China. The company mainly deals with LNG, CNG and L-CNG filling station equipment, gasification station equipment, coal-to-gas equipment, double-layer tanks and related ancillary products (such as liquid adding machine, vacuum tube, PIR insulation material, winding finned tube, etc. Design, development, production, sales and professional installation.

At present, the company has three branches, two offices (Beijing and Inner Mongolia), and Shanghai is the headquarters of the company. It is mainly responsible for high-tech technology such as air compressor and station control management system, measurement and control system, and PLC assembly and debugging; Shanghai Ling Ruihe North Branch (abbreviation) is the company's main production base, with 60 acres of development area, and the workshop has more than 30 production lines. It mainly produces LNG filling stations, gasification station related pressure pipeline components and equipment, and the main advocates in recent years. Double tanks for oil stations; Shandong Chilling (abbreviation), mainly engaged in the management and transportation of hazardous chemicals; Hebei Jiangke (abbreviation), mainly engaged in the inspection and verification of special equipment such as safety valves and gas cylinders. The company has qualifications and construction capabilities from project design, equipment production, installation and commissioning, etc. The company has almost no outsourcing business. No matter the main equipment or core auxiliary materials, the company is mainly engaged in research and development, not only the product fits seamlessly, but also costs. Lower, so we can do the same configuration than the price, the same price than the value.

The company is a member of Shanghai Gas Association, and obtained one type of vacuum pipeline type test certificate issued by oil drilling equipment testing organization. It has obtained 4 products of explosion-proof certificate issued by explosion-proof testing organization, obtained 4 software copyrights and obtained registration. 1 trademark and 9 related patents. After years of development, the company has become one of the qualified and intensive LNG products supporting suppliers. At present, the company has signed annual supply agreements with a number of large enterprises and scientific research units, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sinopec, China National Petroleum, Tianhai, Xinxing Group, CIMC, Furui and so on.

Quality is our DNA! This is the philosophy that the company has always been adhering to. We are a long-term vision for the development of the gas industry and the protection of blue water and blue sky. Choosing us is equal to choosing security, peace of mind and peace of mind. Looking forward to working with you!