Lng refueling station

Lng refueling station

Product Details

lng refueling station are as follows:

Gas-filling function: LNG in the tank is pumped out by the LNG cryopump, and the tank is filled with the liquidator

Function: pumping LNG in the LNG tank to the LNG storage tank by the cryopump.

Prepressurization function: vaporize some LNG in the storage tank into the vaporizer to form BOG (Boil Off Gas) into the storage tank. Stop when the tank pressure reaches the set pressure

The temperature adjustment function: use the LNG cryopump to withdraw part of the LNG into the tank from the tank and then enter the tank, and stop when the liquid temperature reaches the set temperature.

General pure LNG filling station consists of: LNG storage tanks, pump and submersible pumps, tank supercharged vaporizers, unloader vaporizers, EAG heaters (the process flow is different, these three vaporizers will also have Corresponding changes), dosing machine and other components.