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Exploring the action, detailing the aurora you don't know
- 2019-07-11-

is different from other in the market The appearance of the air-filling machine, the design of the air-filling machine of Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is more fashionable and exquisite, and has been inquired and favored by many customers. In fact, it is not only the appearance, but the inside of our company's dispenser is worth exploring. Exploring the action, count the aerators you don't know.

History of gas dispenser development

After years of development, starting from the manufacture of the first gas dispenser, today, eight years of journey, thousands of gas dispensers, Hundreds of stations have been undergoing technical updates and product changes.

The first-generation dispensers are large in size and have basic air-filling functions, which can cooperate well with submersible pumps and other equipment. The main energy of manufacturing a generation of air-filling machines is placed on the internal structure. In terms of appearance, there is no uniform standard, so multiple versions will appear according to customer needs.

After a successful development and smooth operation of a generation of air-filling machines, coupled with the more sophisticated technology of the air-filling machine, the second-generation air-filling machine came into being.

The second-generation dispensers that incorporate higher technology have changed a lot.

In terms of appearance, the “green leather train” was changed to “high-speed rail train”, and the shape was uniformly designed. In addition to the logo and corporate color of the inkjet, the size has been greatly improved. Stylish and sophisticated.

In terms of functionality, the integration is higher, which is also the secret of the refilling machine becoming exquisite. In addition, the insulation function is added, and the customer system, which makes the second-generation refilling machine in use. The process lasts longer and is more convenient.

Since the second generation of gas dispensers, a large number of customers have been praised, and the exquisite design has made the construction process smoother, and the image of the whole station has been greatly increased. After all, we are all People who pay attention to the value of the face.

After passing the second generation of air-filling machines, the third generation of air-filling machines began to face the market.

The third-generation air-filling machine, according to the praise of past customers, still uses the design of the second-generation air-filling machine. Compared with the “predecessor”, the sublimation of the three-generation air-filling machine is mainly in the internal structure. And user experience.

The internal insulation system was changed to an integrated insulated valve box. At the same time, it is convenient for after-sales inspection, inspection and maintenance.

The airflow meter is Emerson's, universal position, and can be replaced at will, for later maintenance.

On the electronic part, use microcomputer, data acquisition, and human-computer interaction.

Humanized design is the key to three generations of dispensers.