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Introduction to pressure metering equipment maintenance
- 2019-07-25-

Pressure Regulating Equipment Maintenance

(1) Maintenance

1. Periodically clean the filter element of the filter. Generally, it should be cleaned once a month, and it should be replaced once every three months. The specific time will increase or decrease according to the customer's temperament.

2. When using the power supply or an open flame during maintenance work, first make sure there is no gas leakage or gas retention around the gas. The gas in the decompression station and piping should be replaced with nitrogen.

3. When the piping needs to be removed, the internal gas should be emptied in advance to ensure that the display of any pressure gauge is zero.

4. When conducting maintenance and replacement of electrical components, the power supply must be cut off first.

5. After the repair, the replacement should be carried out again, and the preparations for restarting the decompression station should be completed. The specific items are as follows: (1) Airtight test: Check the interface for leaks with soapy water. (2) Start the decompression station according to the gas supply program.

6. Set a fixed number of people or a few people to check the daily inspection of the device.

(2) Daily inspection

1. Check if the system pressure is stable.

2. View upstream pressure conditions

3. Observe the frosting of each pipe.

4. Detect outlet pressure.

5. Check for leaks on each interface.

6. Check the opening and closing status of each pressure gauge, relief valve and other valves.

7. Check the water level, water temperature and leakage in the heat exchanger. Do not dry or dry water.

(3) Regular inspection

1. One month

1 Electrical inspection (power off during inspection) 2 Check for leaks on each interface. 3 regular sewage. 4 Each bolt reinforcement and bolt anti-rust oil is applied.

2. One year

1 annual pressure gauge. 2 safety valve annual inspection. 3 equipment body grounding resistance test. 4 electrical connection line inspection.

3. Two-year period

In addition to checking the pressure-measurement meter according to the one-year period, some parts of the consumables should be replaced according to the operating conditions to increase the decompression. Station life and reduce malfunctions.