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"Litchma" transited through Shandong, a station in Shouguang was affected, and our company implemented rescue
- 2019-08-17-

On August 11, typhoon "Litchma" transited In Shandong, where the typhoon went, the storms raged and floods occurred frequently. Affected by the typhoon “Likima”, Shouguang and the surrounding counties and cities have experienced heavy rains. The average rainfall of Shouguang City is 287.4mm (precipitation has been a strong precipitation since the meteorological record in Shouguang City in 1959), equivalent to 632 million cubic meters of precipitation. It is the hardest hit area of the strong typhoon in Shandong Province.

A CNOOC refueling station in Shouguang was also deeply affected. After the typhoon transited, the station area was trapped by water and could not operate normally. The equipment in the station is subject to different degrees of flooding, the entire station's electronic control equipment is full, and other equipment in the station also needs emergency maintenance.

On August 14, Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., after receiving the emergency rescue call from the station, urgently arranged the after-sales personnel of the Shandong after-sales service point to rush to Shouguang for on-site investigation. The person in charge of the gas station communicates with the solution. After the plan is agreed, additional rescue personnel should be dispatched to the emergency rescue operation.

The maintenance of equipment and lines is cumbersome and complicated. Each step requires accurate judgment and operation. The after-sales personnel of Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. compete for speed and quality, and compete for two days. Two nights, after continuously eliminating and unblocking various line faults, a new round of hidden dangers was investigated. Finally, on the afternoon of August 16, the whole station system was debugged to a normal state, and the station resumed normal operation.

The webmaster excitedly held the hand of our service staff. He felt mixed and shivered: "I will find you anyway, no matter what problem." Then we received the customer's offer. Pennant and awards briefing.


We are deeply surprised. In fact, we are only a small member of the after-sales service team of Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In the event of such natural disasters and man-made disasters, we should come up with our own skills to solve technical problems for each owner. This should be divided. Thanks to the station's recognition and evaluation of us, we will continue to stick to our posts and solve problems for more owners. At present, the four small teams in our Shandong sales have solved problems for customers in different places in Shandong.

"Litchma" is violent and destructive, but the service of our Shanghai Lingrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is timely and powerful. Natural disasters are ruthless, there is love in the world, we have always believed, fearless and strong, people will win the day!

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